Exercices de piano (niveaux 1 et 2)

These piano exercises have been developed taking into consideration classes with several students. There are two levels of difficulty for each exercise. Level 1 is for students who are studying the piano for the first time. Level 2 is for students who already have some piano experience. Both levels of each exercise can be played at the same time.

The register for the exercises was chosen based on the keyboards available to the students. Therefore, the register used goes from Fa (F) two octaves below middle Do (C) to Do (C) two octaves above middle Do (C). Additionally, based on the keyboards available, there is no indication of dynamics in the exercises, but the teacher is encouraged to insert some if possible.

The exercises are divided into three parts. This includes pieces or excerpts from the repertoire. The first part focus on the first 5 notes (Do (C) – Re (D) – Mi (E) – Fa (F) – Sol (G)). The rhythmic figures are limited to whole note, half note, and quarter note. The second part expands the register and works on the changing of fingering. In this part, the dotted half note is introduced to the students, who also begin to play the Sib (Bb) and the Fa# (F#). The third part widens even more the register and works on modulations. The eighth note is introduced to the students, as well as somewhat more complex exercises.