Three Miniatures for Harp

Three Miniatures for Harp (in honour of Saint Gabriel Lalemant)
1- Bisbigliando
2- Harmonics
3- Arpeggios

Composer: Henrique Coe
Concert: World premiere (August 16, 2019)
Salle Gilles-Lefebvre (Orford Musique), Canada
Harpist: Kyra Charlton
1st of the three miniatures (Bisbigliando)

Program notes:
Three miniatures for harp in honour of Saint Gabriel Lalemant was written during Coe’s Summer stage at Orford Musique in Québec, Canada. Each miniature focus on a different technique and the total duration of the three miniatures ensemble is of approximately 5’30’’.
The first miniature focus on bisbigliando, the second on harmonics, and the third on arpeggios. The first one was premiered by harpist Kyra Charlton at Orford Musique (QC) on August 16, 2019. The other two have not been premiered yet.