Rhapsody (in honour of Saint Jean de Brébeuf)

Composer: Henrique Coe
Concert: World premiere (August 8, 2019)
Salle Gilles-Lefebvre (Orford Musique), Canada

Véronique Lacroix, conductor
Lyndsay Promane, mezzo-soprano
Martin Blais, alto flute
Lindsay Allan, clarinet
Ryan Jung, piano
Roberto Bui, cello
Audréanne Filion, cello

Program notes:
Rhapsody in honour of Saint Jean de Brébeuf was composed in 2019 to be workshopped and premiered at Académie Orford Musique in Orford, Québec, Canada. Born in France, Saint Jean de Brébeuf was a Jesuit missionary in Nouvelle-France, Canada.
The piece is written for voice and chamber ensemble. There is no text. The singer sings syllables such as da-ba-da-ba-da-ba, which do not have to be strictly observed; they serve as a reference for performance. The piece features hectic, calm and melodic passages, the main melody being stated at the beginning and at the end by the singer.
The world premiere of Rhapsody in honour of Saint Jean de Brébeuf took place on August 8, 2019, at Salle Gilles-Lefebvre (Orford Musique), Canada, by the contemporary ensemble of Académie Orford Musique 2019 conducted by Véronique Lacroix.