Choral pieces from the symphony The Saviour

Choral pieces from the Symphony “The Saviour”

1- Et Creavit Deus Hominem: 0:00
2- Et Incarnatus Est: 2:17
3- Verbum Caro Factum Est: 3:49
4- Christus Factus Est: 6:47
5- In Manus Tuas Domine: 8:52
6- Et Resurrexit Tertia Die: 11:43
7- Alleluia Redemptionem: 13:03
8- Alleluia Oportebat: 15:34
9- Ascendit Deus: 17:53

Composer: Henrique Coe
Concert: Oct 16, 2018 (Student Composers Concert)
Walter Hall (University of Toronto)
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Sopranos: Mélissa Danis and Rosemonde Desjardins
Altos: Martina Myskohlid and Courtney Waldie
Tenors: Kevin Mulligan and Benjamin Gabbay
Basses: John Krutschke and Benjamin Loyst
Nicholas Wanstall, organ
Henrique Coe, conductor

Program note:
Symphony “The Saviour” for orchestra and choir was mainly composed in 2014 and received revisions until 2018. It is divided into three movements: I- “The Creation, The Garden of Eden, and The Fall”; II- “The Incarnation”; and III- “The Passion, Death, Resurrection and Ascension”. The nine choral pieces from the symphony may be sung as independent pieces. The total duration of the nine choral pieces is of approximately 17’45”. The texts were extracted from the 1961 Liber Usualis, following the liturgical instructions, and from the Vulgata.